Has your business's growth stagnated? Are you struggling to access capital or realise your desired exit? Perhaps your business has become more of a burden than a passion?

You're certainly not alone – most businesses won't survive more than five years, and even if they do, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain consistent growth and attract a potential acquirer.

Rose Equity Partners is a specialist investment and consulting firm, whose mission is to help you become one of the small percentage that not only thrives but also achieves that all important financial exit. We draw upon two decades of experience and a robust professional network to unlock the equity in your business, remove the obstacles in the way of growth, and sustainably scale you towards the exit you've been aiming for.

If you are interested in growing, selling or valuing your business, please get in touch with us at james@roseequitypartners.com or schedule a conversation.

How We Work 

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How do we achieve this?


As a growth partner, we will acquire equity in your business before working alongside your existing team and infrastructure to rapidly increase shareholder value. We achieve this by optimising and streamlining the key pillars of your business such as sales, operations, marketing and financial engineering to deliver growth. 

Influential M&A Network

The majority of SME acquirers are private investors and business owners operating in an adjacent or competing market. By working alongside your team as a growth partner we can scale your business to mutually agreed milestones that become transformational for the business, and help attract potential acquirers from our existing network.

We can also unlock exciting opportunities for long term value creation such as accessing the Public capital markets or merging with a larger, Publicly listed competitor.

Succession Planning

If you are already seeking an exit, we can discuss a realistic valuation for the business and offer a range of mutually beneficial, and flexible exit scenarios. Whatever route we pursue, we recognise that any decision to sell will come with a host of financial and emotional ties which we can seek to navigate through to a win-win scenario for all. 



Find out more about how we can help your business by scheduling a no-obligation, confidential discussion with our team.

Discuss Your Needs 





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Who do we work with?

As a specialist growth partner, Rose Equity Partners can work with SMEs of varying levels of maturity, but we typically focus on either the growth stage (c£1m+ in annual revenues) and pre-exit/succession stage (c£5m+ in annual revenues).

Whatever stage you happen to be in, we follow a proven playbook which accounts for and reflects the unique challenges that come with each individual business, helping to increase shareholder value, and progress you towards that all-important exit.





How do we work?

1 Conversation

We appreciate that engaging with any partner in your business is a big decision. That's why everything starts with an open conversation, so we can understand the challenges you are facing and identify the key areas which you may require support. This serves to determine if there could be a good fit for us to work together and also whether there's any rapport from which we can build upon in the future.

Discuss With Us 

2 Assessment

If we decide to explore a potential partnership we will schedule a more structured conversion, often involving the wider executive team and existing shareholders. Here we will assess the key business metrics and financials to understand which milestones need to be met in order to realise ambitions for growth, succession or exit.

3 Outcome

Following the business assessment we will present a range of options including an exit valuation, investment criteria, and proposed terms for operating as a minority equity partner. We may also introduce external partners who are specifically aligned to your industry and/or objectives.

4 Exit

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate an exit for the founder. The structure and time frame for the exit will vary but we typically seek a maximum 3 year period from partnership to exit.

How We Work    Who We Work With 






Who are Rose Equity Partners?

Our unique services as an SME growth partner are rooted in our founder's own experiences with entrepreneurship, scaling and growing successful businesses – But most importantly, his understanding of the unique struggles and frustrations that come with stagnated growth or inadequate funding.

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Our Journey