As a specialist growth partnership firm, Rose Equity Partners offers consulting for small and medium enterprises that fall into one of two key profiles where we feel we can unlock the most potential.

If you fall into one of these two groups and are looking to grow or achieve an exit, you can arrange a conversation or schedule a call back using our contact form.

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Growth Stage SMEs

Team Size

Typically more than 10 f/t employees.


B2B SaaS, Technology, Media, AI, Cyber Security, Payments and E-commerce.

Common Challenges

 1. The business has achieved product-market fit, but is struggling to accelerate revenue growth or attract external investment.

2. Growth was initially strong but market conditions have forced a strategic review of product positioning, operations and sales strategy.

Funding Stage

Bootstrapped with no VC or PE funding.



young professionals discussing business plan at modern startup office


Rose Equity Partners possesses a deep understanding of the challenges businesses of this size face, having been in this position ourselves and helped many successful start-ups overcome these challenges. Crucially, we also know the exact steps that are needed to build a repeatable sales process and scale revenue from ~£500k to £6M+.

We will work alongside the existing management team as growth partners to develop effective and actionable playbooks, implement effective growth strategies and help the founders achieve measurable milestones to significantly increase future shareholder value.





Preparing for an exit and/or founder succession

Common Challenges

The business has reached a mature level of profitability, but growth has plateaued and the founder is looking to either:

  • Scale beyond their existing limitations.
  • Grow through acquisitions.
  • Exit the business.

Team Size

Typically more than 25 f/t employees, with existing management teams in place.




As active members of the M&A community, we understand the intricacies that come with preparing for a successful exit or positioning the business for growth funding.

With a focus on optimising your financials and operations, along with close collaboration with your existing management team, Rose Equity Partners will work to develop compelling exit narratives and position your business favourably in the market to maximise value.

This may include:

  Fine-tuning your sales operations.

  Introducing additional revenue streams.

  Optimising your business for profitability.

  Aligning with potential competitor acquirers.

The final acquisition can be made by our network of SME investors, a third party with industry experience, or directly to Rose Equity Partners.