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Most business owners underestimate the value that can be created through equity partnerships.

A business may become stagnant or even burdensome, but with the right knowledge, investment and connections, latent equity can be realised and the founder moved towards an exit.

Our goal at Rose Equity Partners is to provide clients with win-win situations, irrespective of the challenges their business is facing.

Your successful exit is our goal – Schedule a no-obligation conversation with one of our team to find out more.

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Option 1 – Growth Partnering


Flatline growth or retraction is unfortunately quite common for mature businesses – The only difference is whether it lasts months, several quarters, or even a number of years.

Our growth partnership arrangement brings a combination of business growth consulting and financial investment to the table, taking a mid-long-term approach to actively support the business in achieving key milestones that will increase shareholder value.




The solutions we propose depend on your business, but these may include::


  Analysing market trends to develop revenue-increasing strategies or expand market reach.

  Developing growth initiatives and collaborating with marketing, sales, product development or other departments to execute these plans.


  Acting as an Non-Exec Director and Strategic Board Advisor.

  Providing marketing and sales support including sales training workshops and mentoring for existing sales leadership teams.


  Optimising business operations to improve efficiency, scalability and profitability.

  Reviewing financial performance to introduce measures that will enhance the value of the business for a future exit.

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Option 2 – Bringing in other partners

It may be that your business requires investment from a specific strategic partner, or at levels beyond our own capacity. In these scenarios we can review the business objectives and make introductions from within our network of active M&A partners both within the UK and Internationally.



The outcomes of these introductions will vary but possibilities include:


  Taking your business to the public markets to attract outside investment (Min £1m pa. of EBIT required).


  Putting you in contact with external growth partners who specialise in businesses of your size.

  Introducing you to potential investors in our network who may be interested in purchasing your business as part of a roll-up or merger.


 In these scenarios we act as far more than ‘matchmakers' or advisors to a potential sale, we also help the acquirers overcome barriers to purchase during due diligence, and act as a bridge to achieve financial benchmarks that may need to be reached.

We will therefore remain firmly in the picture and do whatever we can to ensure a smooth transition from the business.


Only 0.1% of business owners achieve an exit – Let's make you one of them. Everything starts with a no-obligation conversation with our team.

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What do we not do?

Drag out due diligence

Private equity firms have developed a reputation for their habit of taking months to carry out due diligence checks, all while looking for ways to leverage the negotiation in their favour and distracting the owner from running their business. We aim to get things done quickly and smoothly, with as little bureaucracy as possible.

Charge excessive consulting fees 

Conventional business consultants tend to charge by the hour or day irrespective of the outcome, all while having no real vested interest in generating shareholder value. We take a stake in your business to achieve tangible milestones of growth, so we are fully aligned as your growth partner.

Dance around the issue

As a stakeholder in your business, we want to unlock the equity in your business and get you growing as quickly and sustainably as possible. We don't make rash decisions, but once we identify the obstacles or shortfalls in your business, we do everything in our power to tackle them.