Our Founders Journey

James' journey with entrepreneurship stretches all the way back to his university days, where he was fortunate to be awarded a start-up grant from the Liverpool Centre of Entrepreneurship. James used the investment to identify opportunities in emerging markets and subsequently launched an online furniture retailer in Bulgaria. His company was one of the first to service an influx of buy-to-let property investors and went on to furnish hundreds of properties, achieving significant year on year revenue growth.

James's success in e-commerce supported expansion into developing and brokering his own luxury real estate developments, achieving several industry awards, and establishing a significant partner network throughout Russia and Ukraine.

But after 7 years of impressive growth James faced his first major challenge with the 2008 Financial Crisis. Both ventures struggled to grow or attract investment capital since both sectors were retracting heavily. So after a challenging 2 years he eventually made the difficult decision to wind both companies down.


founder of Rose Equity Partners James Rose



A new beginning

With the economic headwinds of 2010 James pursued a career in digital marketing sales, joining Google's largest Global re-seller and quickly becoming one of their top performing sales reps. During his 3 year tenure he worked with hundreds of SME's, helping them to deliver effective marketing campaigns and driving sales growth through tough economic conditions.

This transition into sales served as a springboard into the start-up ecosystem where James spent over a decade in commercial leadership roles, building several high-growth, venture-backed companies, and playing a key influence in strategy, product development, funding and operations.

More recently, James has leveraged his experience to advise start-ups as a freelance consultant and Board Advisor where he's become focused on increasing shareholder value and positioning companies for investment and acquisition.





Enter Rose Equity Partners

Achieving an exit or attracting external investment can be tough. Most businesses won't survive more than 5 years, and even if they do, they are inherently highly volatile assets with their valuations often pinned on customer retention, key employees or limited IP. This makes it very difficult for private investors to back companies that they can't directly influence, or provide support to in a meaningful way beyond the capital injection.

Rose Equity Partners has been established to solve this problem by offering a combination of consulting, investment and advisory services that are all centered around increasing shareholder value and positioning businesses for an eventual exit.

We offer business owners expert advice and access to the financial backing that would otherwise be outside of their reach.



Our solutions include:


  Optimising key aspects of the business as a growth partner


  Providing investment or sourcing potential investors


  Helping take businesses to the public markets through non-conventional direct listings


  Offering a full buyout at realistic valuations and terms

Find out more about how we can assist your business and pursue an exit by scheduling a consultation with one of our team.

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